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UPAW 2019 (Urban Painting Around the World)



4th May 2019: FDA Awards 2019 (Woman of the Year)

Le prix “spécial FDA” 2019 et les 2 prix FDA 2019, dont le thème était cette année “Art & Sciences”, ont été décernés cette année à ORLAN (prix spécial pour l’ensemble de sa carrière), Elena Rossoni Notter et Souguen Chung.

Une photo que j’aime beaucoup: Orlan qui brandit ma sculpture “Donna” sur l’estrade de la salle de conférence du Musée Océanographique de Monaco où a eu lieu la soirée de gala pour la remise des prix. Un prix annuel, initié en 2012 par Cinzia Coleman Sgambati afin de mettre en valeur des femmes d’exception dans des domaines aussi variés qu’originaux, dans le monde entier.



April 4th 2019: art auction during gala diner FLMM 2019 in Monaco Yacht club

An art auction ended the gala diner 2019 of the evening “Save women’s heart” organized by Women Leaders in the Yacht Club of Monaco.

Beli and few international artists as Marcos Marin, Laurence Jenkell, Moya, Mateo Mornar, Claude Gauthier, Fiona Tan, Mr.Oneteas, Julie Dalloz, Dana York, Brigitte Dubanchet, Genevieve Gazan-Choby, Calypso De Sigaldi, Valerie Durand, Michel de YougoslavieRaoul Meftah, Edita Sroczynska, Florence Borja, Natalia Zavialova and Cornelia Petrea
gave an art piece for this cause, really important for the president of FLMM, Chantal Ravera.
Photo credit @NEWDAY MONACO



FLMM’s Awards



November 24h 2018: what’s new in BELI’s working studio?

Les 6 dernières photos et logo : crédit photo @ Alberto Colman - WSM



Castellet sept.2018 - Circuit Paul Ricard - Porsche wrapping by BELI



18-19-20/07/2018 - UPAW - Monaco (check the video by David Andres filmmaker in BIO section)

Beli and 9 other international artists : Daze (USA), Huge (Sweden), Mad C (Germany), Kashing (France), Julien Colombier (France), Mr.Oneteas (Monaco), Xavier Magali (Switzerland), Shoe (Netherlands) et Remi Rough (UK), were participating to this 2nd edition of UPAW (Urban Painting Around the World), which theme this year was “A planet to crunch or sketch”.

Beli decided to represent the evolution in 50 years of a coral reef. Not only because 2018 is the official year of coral but also because they are mandatory in the oceans, directly connected with sharks’ slaughtering, actually endangered and so BEautiful aLIve.

- The left painting represents corals 40 years ago, red and healthy, housing thousands of fishes and marine species.
- The middle one is nowadays: coral dying and whitening
- The right one could be the coral reef in 2030: the white coral suffocating and dying under seaweed. Every colored fish in this painting represent something we can do to stop this scary future evolution.

Any single simple move can help. What are YOU ready to do? Stop using too much plastic? No straws ? No stubs trashed everywhere? Start using sustainable and healthy products?

Lets all do something to protect our oceans and planet before it’s crunched...




9th-17th of June 2018: Forum des artistes de Monaco - CCAM

Private view on friday June 8th at 6:00 pm



Grand Prix F1 Monaco from 24th to 27th May 2018: expo and interview by TF1 TV



Soirée du Prix Monte-Carlo FDA 2018

Pour plus d’info / For more info: https://www.prixmontecarlofda/2018